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About Brunch&Goals

Inquisitive about the who, what and why of Brunch & Goals?  
I knew you’d be!!  So, here’s the latest goss....  

Founder & Fellow Young Professional
Christine Larbi

Full-time Electrical Engineer, Part-time Bruncher


Brunch & Goals started with me, Christine, a young African-Australian, with the intention of empowering, encouraging and inspiring Young Professionals and Small Business Owners (own your side-hustle!) to develop their personal brand goals, over brunch. 

The thing is, we study so hard to prepare ourselves for a career that fulfils, pays our bills and allows us to enjoy regular brunch, but there is no guidance for developing our personal and professional goals once we graduate, step into full-time work, and want to explore other areas of life.

Brunch & Goals started as a way to help me, and you, develop a better idea who we are and what really motivates us towards success each and every day.


Why? Because I believe that in understanding more about who you are, you can determine HOW you present yourself to others, WHAT you put your energy towards, WHO is within your circle and WHY you show up for work (as an employee or employer), and all this over BRUNCH! 

I encourage you to invite friends to brunch, download a printable, and grow into your potential. 


You got this! 
(I’m whispering the same thing to myself) 


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