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4 Things to do when you're getting started

Achieving anything you want in life in 4 very simple steps.

1) Just Start!

Its that simple. Just start. Take the first step. Similar to how challenging it is to leave the house for a walk/run, but when you're outside it feel easy and feels good to be body. So many people never take that first step. Start where you are, use what you've got, start small [keep it as a side hustle if you have a full time job], but just get started!

2) Build your community (including having a coach or mentor / accountability partner)

Follow people on your socials that are doing the things you want to be doing. Surround yourself with people, entrepreneurs, who are successful in their chosen industries and doing the work. Stay inspired. Whatever you choose to feed your mind is what you will get out of it. Feed yourself growth, motivation, support, inspiration, work, money mindset, etc...

There would be people around you who may tell you that you're crazy, or even push their insecurities onto you, but when you are around people who are on the same journey, you can inspire each other.

3) Change the Narrative

Instead of "I have to do .... " say, "I get to do .... ".

Instead of "I don't know how to....", say, "I need to research..." Changing the narrative shifts you from a place of limiting beliefs and gives you a positive outlook on the things you're doing.

4) Actually do it

We all know it, but struggle to practice because of how simple it is. So here's your challenge - actually do the VERY SIMPLE THINGS that could help you get ahead in life.

Any other tips to add? Share it in the comments below.

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