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7 Guides to Staying Grounded Regardless of Seasonal Changes

We know COVID-19 has honestly turned EVERYTHING upside down, some for the better (boost in online business sales), and some for the not so great (everything else about covid). And so we decided to share some of the things that have worked for us in this season of uncertainty, in the hopes that it helps you too. Lets go!

1. Stay Focused on Progress, not on Perfection

The new chapter/season that we have entered requires us to set some new goals/targets for ourselves. Break these down into small, realistic, covidsafe and achievable goals and know that each one completed only gets us closer to the big-picture goal.

When our focus shifts from chasing perfection to acknowledging progress, we allow ourselves to enjoy the presence of accomplishments and blessings in our life {increase our dopamine levels}, rather than feel the absence of our idea of perfection.

2. Quit Comparing "me" to "them" (Online & Offline)

We have heard it time and time again; “comparison is a thief of joy”, but let’s also add this, “comparison is a thief of gratitude, happiness, joy, peace, patience and your overall sense of self-worth”.

Whether it’s our own past-time memory or someone else’s present moment, we owe it to ourselves to stop comparing our accomplishments - or the lack of accomplishments - to those of others. Unless off-course, it’s to help us find some new motivation or to stay on target towards a goal, then that's okay.

Let us not overshadow the blessings we have received by comparing them with the things we do not have (yet).

Instead: Be thankful for all things (regardless of how small it may seem to us)

3. Let go of that which no Longer Serves your Purpose

I remember someone asking for examples of things to let go off, so here are a few:

  • Over-spending/living without a budget

  • Procrastination / Making excuses / Assuming you can’t do it

  • Cramming too much into yours schedule

  • Taking things personally

  • Saying yes/no too often (when you know you cannot deliver)

  • People pleasing

  • Self-critical thinking (acceptable if it’s constructive criticism)

  • Comparing self to others

  • Letting others define you

  • Gossip

  • Treating others with disrespect

  • Letting others treat you with disrespect

  • Wishful thinking instead of planning and action

  • Hanging with people that do not have your best interest in mind

  • Believing that you can never change

Transitioning stages are the opportunity we get to start on a clean slate and begin cultivating habits/attitudes that serve our purpose. Habits that lead to happiness and a heart full of gratitude.

4. Open your Mind to new Opportunities

Staying open to the new things, new people, new places and new experiences are things that allow us to truly embrace the change and to make the most of this new season. It usually requires us to step outside our comfort zone to take advantage of these new opportunities. Growth does not happen in a place of comfort.

5. Ask for Constructive Feedback

Remaining curious about our growth and asking regularly for feedback from those trusted ones is one of the best ways to ensure that we are progressing in the right direction.

Examples of questions we can ask to gain feedback:

  • How do you think I’m progressing with regards to …...?

  • What specifically can I do better in … area? / What areas can I develop in?

  • Who should I be working with more closely? (People/organisations/programs…)

  • Which part of my style/approach is a cause for concern?

  • What am I doing well…?

Also, it's worth your time to personally evaluate time spent throughout the day/week/month.

Write down the exact activities at the end of the day (regardless of how mundane it may seem), and note the time spent on each activity. This way, we can evaluate out time-in-activity ratios and readjust as we see fit to meet our targets/goals as required.

6. Create Rituals

Maybe it's an almond croissant on Fridays

Maybe it’s a hot cup of tea and a candle in the morning

Maybe it’s putting time aside for a run in the on Saturday Morning

Maybe it’s baking carrot cake with cream-cheese icing on Thursday afternoons

Whatever "it" may be, rituals help us feel like we are grounded when all else feels like it’s falling apart. Find a ritual that works for you.

7. Find Time to Unplug

Make time to do the things you love without worry that you’re taking away time from the “important things”. It's important to learn to rest when it feels overwhelming.

We hope these tips help you push through the season of uncertainty and that we all make it to the other side with some great tools in our toolkit to face everything this world can through at us. Sending love and peace. #brunchandgoals. Follow us on @brunchandgoals on instragram for more tips.

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