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Boss Babe Budget Breakdown

Boss babe, Miss Missy, a lawyer based in Victoria - Australia's COVID-19 hotspot *sad face* - shared how she stays motivated and inspired, budgets and tips for those entering the legal industry.

Here's what she had to say:

1) What Industry do you work in?

Legal / Law

2) How did you land your first job within the industry?

The job was advertised online, I threw my hat in for it and was successful. Before I got to that point, I spent a lot of time during undergrad volunteering, doing short stints in Legal centres, Barrister’s Chambers and jumped at every opportunity available for gaining ‘practical experience’.

My first grad role was 13 months after working as a Paralegal even while a qualified lawyer. I used that experience as a springboard– it's a tough industry to crack.

3) Salary, budget & your biggest expense

Fortnightly Salary: $3,132 (COVID-19 Salary) 

Breakdown Budget per Fortnight:

Rent: $300

Utilities: $60

Health Insurance: $45

Groceries: $120

Public Transport Card in Australia: $40

Phone: $20

Other ad-hoc Expenses (eating out, gifts etc): $150 (varies)

Savings (house deposit, travel, emergency): $2,447 plus whatever does not get used from the ad-hoc expenses. YAYYYSS!!

Biggest Expense: Rent (ADULTING)

4) What motivates you?

Over time I’ve learnt to strike a balance between my intrinsic and extrinsic motivators – especially as I am not in the most ‘desirable’ field.

To try and put it succinctly: My main motivator is the positive outcomes that are shared amongst the colleagues and other professionals who are passionate in the same way (both locally and abroad).

Whenever there is a positive outcome, it is just one more reason to keep going – that what we do is not all in vain.

5) Do you have any advise for others looking to enter or grow within the industry?

Don’t shy away from volunteering opportunities and make sure you network. Now that I am in, your experience is just as valuable as your reputation.

Join associations within the area of law you’re interested in and participate in the events they hold, volunteer even when you are working in the field.

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