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Women Like Me - Miss A, 28

1. Salary, include a breakdown of your budget and what your biggest expense is.

Monthly salary: $2,500

(Biggest expense is utilities, totalling about $600 a month, then food and household items, $300 a month, rest goes to entrepreneurial projects)

2. What Industry do you work in?

Education (Junior Lecturer)

3. How did you land your first job within the industry?

2018. Got my first job in academia at age 25.

4. What motivates you?

Having love for the job. If you'll do a job when no one asks you to, then you know you are in the right field. 

5. Do you have any advise for others looking to enter or grow within the industry?

Academia requires the teacher to be knowledgeable in their work so I'd advice everyone looking to get into the field to read wide and a lot. Also get some practical experience before you start teaching. Your students will benefit from real life knowledge when you have it. Theory is great but real life experiences are much better. 

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