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Women Like Me - Miss A, 37

1) Salary, include a breakdown of your budget and what your biggest expense is.

Salary: ...

Breakdown of my budget: I keep a budget of all necessary expenses, this includes load repayments, transport costs, electricity and ensuring my budget covered pet expenses. I try to invest some money in shares and also look to save up money each year to add additional repayments into my home load. The budget is essential as I own my own property just myself, my salary needs to first go to my essentials such as the loan and then my ‘wants’ come second depending on how much money I have leftover.

Current biggest expense: Makeup, its something I enjoy playing with in my spare time. As a makeup lover I think my collection is under control as I don’t want to create more waste then is necessary however, it is much larger than a normal person.

2) What Industry do you work in?


3) How did you land your first job within the industry?

I was successful obtaining a temporary position in an entry level position in government after not having success in obtaining a job in Marketing from my university degree (Bachelor in Business with a Major in Marketing).

4) What motivates you?

I get motivation from a couple of places.

The first is knowing there is a responsibility to make the best of your time at work because we are public officers, tax payers pay our wage to make society run. It is hard sometimes because my particular area has a high workload and stress can get to you.

Second is my knowledge, especially at the moment, that I am lucky to have the role I do have and the security behind it. It is something not to be taken for granted in any economic climate.

5) Do you have any advise for others looking to enter or grow within the industry?

I wish I was good at giving advice, I suck at promoting myself and this then flows on to advice to others.

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